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Congratulations to Kirstie

Kirstie MillsKirstie Mills is a Life Life the Give Life Ambassador. She is 21 and has Cystic Fibrosis
“She is in desperate need of a double lung transplant and declining rapidly. Doctors told her last month that she has approximately six months left to live without one.” -lltgl
Thursday the 6th June saw Kirstie fulfill her dream to marry her fiance Stu.
Many congratulations to you both and my thoughts and prayers are with you in the hope you get your transplant and a chance of a well deserved happy life together!
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How can you NOT Laugh at a time like this?

I bought this book on the recommendation of a fellow renal patient on the Kidney Patients Forum, and I have to say it is an inspirational work. The author Carla Ulbrich, known as “The Singing Patient” was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and amoungst other complications suffered from Kidney Failure. Her anecdotes and short stories together with some of her lyrics and poems make very positive reading and is full of sound advice for people living with chronic illness.
Highly recommended!

# ISBN-10: 0981645348
# ISBN-13: 978-0981645346

Moving on Swiftly, or Going with the Floe

Gosh, wasn’t that last post totally depressing?!
You’ll be glad to know I did pick myself up again. I sometimes feel that men get some sort of hormonal imbalance once a month or so too, not nearly as strong as women do obviously, but enough to knock one off ones perch emotionally.
Well I’ve survived another birthday since I last blogged and I celebrated my 14th kidneyversary on the 14th Nov. My transplant is still hanging on by a thread. Although I still need dialysis I can still just about eat a normal diet (something to be positive about).

The FloeI read recently from the Addenbrookes Kidney Patients Association magazine about a young lady called Sarah Springett who had donated a kidney to her boyfriend. That in itself I thought was impressive, but she also is the lead singer in a band called The Floe. They recently released a single called “I hope you know” where all profits were donated to “Live Life the Give Life” a charity aimed at getting people on the organ donation register (Go to The Floe’s site now and buy it….you will, you will, you will….ah go on!).
Anyway to cut a long story short I went to see their last gig of the year on Friday. It was brilliant. Sarah’s vocal range and emotion has to be heard to be appreciated and Liz Townsend, the instrumental genius of the group, was no less impressive. The venue was Jurnet’s Bar in Norwich, a converted wine cellar and the perfect intimate setting for The Floe. I felt truly privileged to see them in such a small venue because I think they will go on to be huge.
Oh did I mention their Album is available to download on their site? It’s rather good…

British Transplant Games

British Transplant Games LogoAll the best to everyone taking part in this years Transplant Games in the city of Bath. Come on the Cambridge Team!
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I’m seriously thinking of having swimming lessons to improve my overall technique from “looking like your drowning in a slowly forward motion…” to “gliding gracefully through the water like a dolphin”, so one day if I’m lucky enough to have another successful transplant I will try and compete in the Games. I would also have to lose about 3 stone in blubber of coarse! Walrus Swimming
One day at a time as they say….

I noticed that they are also doing ten pin bowling as an event – that could be tempting too as I used to enjoy bowling when I was younger. I used to imagine that the head pin was someone I didn’t like – used to work rather well actually.

An Inspirational Story

I was looking through the Kidney Patients forum and someone had posted a link to the Daily Mail where a woman called Allison John has over her life gone through transplant surgery for her liver, heart, lungs and kidney. A truly inspirational person who has now gone on to qualify as a doctor herself despite all the complications she has suffered over the years. You can read the full story here:
Woman with all major organs transplanted qualifies as doctor

All I can say is Wow.
I wish her the best for the future