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London Bridges Walk – The Big Day!

London Bridges Walk

Made it to the end!

Well Sunday the 10th July finally arrived! My friend Dessie and I had been raising funds for the walk for a couple of months prior and can proudly say as I type so far we have raised over £1100 for Kidney Research UK, so thank you to everyone who was kind enough to give, and a big thank you to the girls at the social club for walking round with the sponsorship forms!
Two friends accompanied us on the day, Our Social Club Steward Chris Harfield and a friend Carol Brownley. Chris H kindly offered to drive, an offer that was snatched upon! The weather was perfect to go with the perfect company and when we arrived to register for the walk Chris and Carol decided to postpone their shopping trip and promptly registered as well! (Thanks again guys)

London Bridges Walk

London Bridges Walk

Apparently there were approximately 1000 people taking part in the walk which started at 11am at Potters Field on the south bank near Tower Bridge after an intro & count down by Angela Rippon.
All in all it was a fantastic day and witnessing the sea of purple clad people walking the Embankment was a sight I shall not soon forget!
Hopefully the walk has raised awareness as well as raised funds for Kidney Research UK and I’m already looking forward to next year!
London Bridges Walk Big Ben

London Bridges Walk

London Bridges Walk

London Bridges Walk

Nurse Appreciation Society

I’m in love with one of my dialysis nurses. Actually I think I love three or four….. Does that make me bad?!
They do such a terrific job and under pressure too. I’ve had a thing for nurses ever since I was a teenager, when things went wrong first time around! They are people I admire above most if not all, as they have to put up with people from all walks of life with all sorts of temperament.

So here’s to all you nurses out there – Thank you for all you do and for all that you are.

And if there just happens to be a nurse out there who has a thing for someone like me, then erm… here I am, I’m all yours!

Friendships falling by the wayside and other musings

I bumped into a couple of friends at the food store this weekend, that in itself isn’t much to write about, but the distance that has grown between us since I was declared at “End Stage Renal Failure” over a year ago now perhaps is.
They were two of my best friends and we used to meet up most weekends for a drink and a chat, failing that we would be in contact via email or text.
I’m not sure what happened really, perhaps they have found it hard to relate to me now I am ill, or maybe they feel awkward around me and don’t quite know how to “deal” with me being on dialysis. Or maybe its the single thing. They are a couple and do couple things with other couples, perhaps there’s no room for the perpetually single ill bloke. Either way I stopped getting emails, texts and phone calls. I didn’t get invited out or around any more.
And I, out of stubbornness and at that time depression, gave up trying to keep in touch.
It was for me at least an awkward, bitter sweet moment when our paths crossed in the chilled section. It was so good to see them, but I just didn’t know what to say.
Well, I did really.
What I wanted to say was “where were you….?”

Right, now I’ve depressed myself! God man – get a grip!

On a good note, I finally went swimming tonight at my local (20 minute drive away…) 25m pool. When I got there it was deserted apart from one old boy who smiled at me as i flopped into the water like a walrus. I managed 30ish lengths over a 25 minute period which is slow for someone fit (or normal) but I’m relatively happy with as its been about 6 months since my last visit to the swimming pool and I’m just a little unfit!

As I slowly swam from one end of the pool to the other more people started to arrive, a few of which were the type that get me to go a little er….. shall we say “Basil Fawlty”.
There is a fast lane at the end of the pool for….you’ve guessed it…..fast swimmers. I stay out of this. Yet whenever I’m in a pool I seem to get surrounded by would-be Olympic front crawl swimmers that plough right through me, giving me stubborn “get out the way or else…” looks. By the time I’ve avoided all the possible collisions I’ve probably swam twice the distance I set out to do and accidentally drunk the entire pool.
Times like these I have visions of me exiting the pool and walking nonchalantly to a big handle on the wall and pulling it, then watching as everyone gets sucked down the U-bend, like a giant toilet being flushed!

I’m smiling now just thinking about it…..!

Well its gone midnight and I have to be up for the 3rd installment of the Papworth Trust – musn’t oversleep!