Congratulations to Kirstie

Kirstie MillsKirstie Mills is a Life Life the Give Life Ambassador. She is 21 and has Cystic Fibrosis
“She is in desperate need of a double lung transplant and declining rapidly. Doctors told her last month that she has approximately six months left to live without one.” -lltgl
Thursday the 6th June saw Kirstie fulfill her dream to marry her fiance Stu.
Many congratulations to you both and my thoughts and prayers are with you in the hope you get your transplant and a chance of a well deserved happy life together!
Click here for video
Click here for Kirstie’s Blog

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Kirstie

  1. duellingdialysis Post author

    Kirstie has just posted the following on her facebook:
    “I have been given my last chance at tx, I have 2 go up 2 harefield in hope that some lungs become available, if im there it means lungs that they couldnt have used b4 because im so far away can be used & that lungs that may not be quite up to par might be used now. I will be staying there under there icu untill they decide im to ill for transplant, this is it my last hope, im really close to the edge & need all your prays. I am traveling by air ambulance in the next 30minutes.”
    Please please keep Kirstie in your thoughts.

  2. duellingdialysis Post author

    **Latest Update from LLTGL**
    11.07.11 – Kirstie has got her new lungs!!! Please keep the incredible family who said “yes” in your thoughts.
    12.07.11 – Kirstie remains sedated, and the team are re-fitting her tracheostomy as her oxygen levels are a little low. Neither of these things are unusual at this time; people can remain sedated for several days or they can be woken up quite quickly. News and updates are likely to be fairly limited as she now has the long road of recovery ahead of her.


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