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Love isn’t always on time

Owner of a lonely heartYes, I know. It was a cheesy song from back in the day, but I’m actually referring to life for people like me. I always imagined I’d be married and settled down by now, loads of little brats (ahem) …..I mean joyful children, running around etc etc. I’m feeling a little let down to be honest…. And I guess it’s the same for a lot of other people with health problems as well.
I refuse to give up on the idea that I will meet and fall in love with someone – and that someone would be mad enough to love me back! But I’d just like to say that the waiting is starting to chafe a bit – not literally mind you, that would just be rude! It’s everything else that goes with a strong relationship that I miss the most. The companionship, the warmth towards each other, someone to laugh at my bad jokes….
The question is what to do about it? Both my illness and where I live leave me feeling isolated at times. Maybe it’s time I found some new hobbies so I can get out and meet new people. So what to do….. Dancing is probably a no no as I have about as much rhythm as a drunken John Sergeant, although it could be a good laugh!
I need to try and find out what evening classes are run in my area I guess – and if any are free of charge!
Whatever happens, it’s going to be down to me to get out there and meet people.

I’ll continue this rather weird post another time as I’m pooped

British Transplant Games

British Transplant Games LogoAll the best to everyone taking part in this years Transplant Games in the city of Bath. Come on the Cambridge Team!
Click here for BBC Linky

I’m seriously thinking of having swimming lessons to improve my overall technique from “looking like your drowning in a slowly forward motion…” to “gliding gracefully through the water like a dolphin”, so one day if I’m lucky enough to have another successful transplant I will try and compete in the Games. I would also have to lose about 3 stone in blubber of coarse! Walrus Swimming
One day at a time as they say….

I noticed that they are also doing ten pin bowling as an event – that could be tempting too as I used to enjoy bowling when I was younger. I used to imagine that the head pin was someone I didn’t like – used to work rather well actually.

Nurse Appreciation Society

I’m in love with one of my dialysis nurses. Actually I think I love three or four….. Does that make me bad?!
They do such a terrific job and under pressure too. I’ve had a thing for nurses ever since I was a teenager, when things went wrong first time around! They are people I admire above most if not all, as they have to put up with people from all walks of life with all sorts of temperament.

So here’s to all you nurses out there – Thank you for all you do and for all that you are.

And if there just happens to be a nurse out there who has a thing for someone like me, then erm… here I am, I’m all yours!

Bugger and poo

I’m a little bit disappointed this evening and somewhat disillusioned. Alright I’m sulking. My photograph didn’t sell on eBay. It was a nice idea, auction off some prints to a good cause, try and raise cash for what I think is a worthwhile charity. Not even a snifter of interest.
My self belief is on somewhat of an ebb at the moment so I have to wonder if my image was good enough.

I’m keen to try and raise money for the British Kidney Patient Association but I’m somewhat at a loss as to how I’m going to go about it. Most people would run a marathon or ride on their bicycle up Mount Everest or something similar but alas I’m just not able to do that sort of thing right now. All I have is my photography. Perhaps I shouldn’t take it personally and try again with a different image and try and think of something suitably witty to say in the description to attract attention

Perhaps I’ll use this image I took when I was a teenager just beginning my kidney troubles, I think it kind of shows how we all feel sometimes

Weight of the world Anyway I’ll give it some thought over the next few days, I’m going to attempt to get up early and get to the pool for 7am tomorrow/today so to bed I must go………

Friendships falling by the wayside and other musings

I bumped into a couple of friends at the food store this weekend, that in itself isn’t much to write about, but the distance that has grown between us since I was declared at “End Stage Renal Failure” over a year ago now perhaps is.
They were two of my best friends and we used to meet up most weekends for a drink and a chat, failing that we would be in contact via email or text.
I’m not sure what happened really, perhaps they have found it hard to relate to me now I am ill, or maybe they feel awkward around me and don’t quite know how to “deal” with me being on dialysis. Or maybe its the single thing. They are a couple and do couple things with other couples, perhaps there’s no room for the perpetually single ill bloke. Either way I stopped getting emails, texts and phone calls. I didn’t get invited out or around any more.
And I, out of stubbornness and at that time depression, gave up trying to keep in touch.
It was for me at least an awkward, bitter sweet moment when our paths crossed in the chilled section. It was so good to see them, but I just didn’t know what to say.
Well, I did really.
What I wanted to say was “where were you….?”

Right, now I’ve depressed myself! God man – get a grip!

On a good note, I finally went swimming tonight at my local (20 minute drive away…) 25m pool. When I got there it was deserted apart from one old boy who smiled at me as i flopped into the water like a walrus. I managed 30ish lengths over a 25 minute period which is slow for someone fit (or normal) but I’m relatively happy with as its been about 6 months since my last visit to the swimming pool and I’m just a little unfit!

As I slowly swam from one end of the pool to the other more people started to arrive, a few of which were the type that get me to go a little er….. shall we say “Basil Fawlty”.
There is a fast lane at the end of the pool for….you’ve guessed it… swimmers. I stay out of this. Yet whenever I’m in a pool I seem to get surrounded by would-be Olympic front crawl swimmers that plough right through me, giving me stubborn “get out the way or else…” looks. By the time I’ve avoided all the possible collisions I’ve probably swam twice the distance I set out to do and accidentally drunk the entire pool.
Times like these I have visions of me exiting the pool and walking nonchalantly to a big handle on the wall and pulling it, then watching as everyone gets sucked down the U-bend, like a giant toilet being flushed!

I’m smiling now just thinking about it…..!

Well its gone midnight and I have to be up for the 3rd installment of the Papworth Trust – musn’t oversleep!

An Inspirational Story

I was looking through the Kidney Patients forum and someone had posted a link to the Daily Mail where a woman called Allison John has over her life gone through transplant surgery for her liver, heart, lungs and kidney. A truly inspirational person who has now gone on to qualify as a doctor herself despite all the complications she has suffered over the years. You can read the full story here:
Woman with all major organs transplanted qualifies as doctor

All I can say is Wow.
I wish her the best for the future

Fund Raising

I have recently set up an Ebay site for my parents business and the thought occured to me that I could try and auction some of my photographs to raise funds for charity. Two charities that sprung to mind immediately was the British Kidney Patients Association, and where I am volunteering at the Papworth Trust.
The question is will my photos sell?! Or rather will they sell at a price worth making the effort?
Anyway as an experiment my first image has gone live on eBay so fingers crossed people are in a generous mood! If it is successful then I’ll add more images and if it goes really well then I’ll add special limited edition Gyclee prints

Auctioning Photograph

The eBay link for this item is here: Clicky